International Student Week
In Tunisia

15-25 August,Djerba,Zarzis,Tunisia


About The Event

ISWiT is an international student festival which will start this year in 2019 in the city of Djerba. The Festival is open for students from all over the world. ISWiT its goal gathers over 150 young people, including participants, moderators and volunteers. Organized by the Young Engineer Association of Zarzis.
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15-25 August 2019

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Event Venue

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Zarzis, Tunisia

Zarzis is a small coastal town in southeast Tunisia, just south of the Ile de Jerba (Island of Djerba). With its stretch of Mediterranean coastline, good beaches and busy port it is a growing tourist destination mixing the traditional with the progressive.

Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba is an island in south Tunisia with beautiful sandy beaches and beautiful, peaceful and silent countryside. One from the best ecological destinations in the World, this island preserves its traditions and its unique architectural theme.

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To Participate


  • Participant applications are usually opened from June 22th until June 29th.
  • Who:

  • A participant can be any interested party aged between 18 and 35.
  • About:

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  • At this moment applications are: CLOSED

To Volunteer


  • Volunteer applications are usually opened From February 8th until February 20th.
  • Who:

  • A Volunteer can be any interested party aged between 18 and 35.
  • About:

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  • At this moment applications are: CLOSED

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